Industrial IoT Solutions for Operational Excellence

Plethora IIoT's unique selling point (USP) is our scientific and technical solution, addressing industrial optimization pitfalls related to critical manufacturing processes. We deliver a sophisticated IT/OT systems architecture, combining top‑notch computing and high‑availability capacities with best‑of‑breed, advanced data analysis algorithms. Plethora IIoT posits an integration of the features of high‑performance computing, reconfigurable computing and machine learning, in a single and rapidly‑deployable solution.

Plethora IIoT delivers crucial insights to support decision-making beyond real time, adjusting them to the requirements of manufacturing processes.

Plethora IIoT provides an artificial intelligence-based, cyber-physical production systems to achieve real-time operational optimization for highly productive and demanding manufacturing environments.

Plethora IIoT boosts KPIs in:

● equipment efficiency
● manufacturing process performance
● product quality
● overall plant optimization

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